Why Does Your Hair Weaves Tangle?

If your hair is your obsession when you wake up every morning, you might know how rare “good hair days” are. The envious braids, day-long high ponytail or the desired curly hair weaves are often elusive. Even if you have managed to get the perfect styling, maintaining it throughout the day isn’t always possible.

Now the question here is, why is it so difficult to maintain the perfect hairstyle throughout the day. Also, is there anything you would need to do to keep them as neat and fresh as in morning?

Of course, there is! But before finding the solution, it is important to find the problem. Here are few of the reasons why you would need scheduled hair treatment.


Dryness is one of the main reasons why you would need to visit a hair salon a little too often. Using blow dryers and thermal sprays regularly, are all guilty of making the hair dry and frizzy. Needless to say, bad dry hair can be disastrous for hair weaves.


Rapid changing of weather conditions are very bad for the hair and its growth. Humidity, heat and constant wind can take a toll on your hair. The result of these is frizzy hair and possibly, loss of volume.

Incomplete hair care

Hair care routine should always be complete. Incomplete hair care may lead to damage and tangling. Regular washing, conditioning, brushing and flossing are all important for healthy hair.

Once you address all these problems, you inch a step closer to having your favourite hair weaves and also maintaining them from throughout the day, no matter how demanding your daily schedules are. However, if you still face problems getting rid of the tangles or have persistent damaged hair, walk into the Braiding World salon in Scotland and feel the difference yourself. Professionally done hair will always feel a lot smoother and better, all the time, every time.